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Tips for Conquering the Battlefield
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18th Dec 2018

Whether playing by yourself or in a squad, there is one rule that will ultimately help you conquer the battlefield, PTFO. Y'all know what that means. Follow your squad orders, mark high target areas for your team or squad to see. Also, diversify your squad; not everyone should be Assault, Medic, Support, or Recon. Choose roles that fit the map and your play style best, but communicate them to your squad.

Medics, hang back a bit, let the Assault and Support take lead, they're gonna need you if they fall. You main job is to revive fallen squad mates, fallen teammates, and capping objectives, in that order. Of course, if an opportunity arises for you take aim, do so in a calculated and effective action. 

Assaults, y'all are the fodder, expect to run and gun. Take the lead, but only after your squad mates have set up their offensive and defensive coordinations. Let the Support suppress the enemy before you charge in. When vehicles are involved, you don't have to focus fire on them, but should the opportunity arise, throw that sticky dynamite and create fireworks. 

Supports, build build build. Create effective fortifications, and be the forward respawn point for your squad. Throw down your bipods and suppress the enemy from your position. Make sure you thrown down an ammo box for Assaults to re-up their explosives. Wait for the call from the Assault and move in quick with the Medic to help cap any points. 

Recons, your job is and should be boring. You can provide much needed detail to the battlefield with the use of you spotting scope. I'm not saying don't take shots of opportunity, but keep an eye on the battlefield and your squad-mates, they will survive better for it. As a Recon you can provide the rear respawn point for your squad, if you manage to stay safe.

Well, thank you for reading, if you have any tips on how to conquer the Battlefield, please share in the comments below. 
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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